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Due to these reasons nose can bleed again and again

If we get nosebleeds when we sneeze or have a cold, we panic for a moment. We do not know why the nose is bleeding, we are concerned that there is some serious health problem.

But there is no need to worry all the time, sometimes there is no need to ignore it. Let us see what are the causes of nose bleeding:

What is the reason for nose bleeding?
Hemorrhage can occur due to many reasons. Sometimes blood starts coming from the nose again and again. If there is any problem in the nose, if there is damage to the nerves of the nose, bleeding may occur. Hemorrhage can occur due to many reasons. Common causes of nosebleeds include:

cold and dry
It is common in winter. Cold and dry air can damage the blood vessels in your nose.
Also, they sit on the fire or use heaters to cool down in extreme cold. Then due to dryness the blood vessels of the nose get damaged and bleeding starts.

When it is very cold, wearing a muffler wrap or a mask to cover the nose can keep the nose warm.

some people have the habit of
They put their hands inside the nose and remove the hardened mucus. By doing this, the nerves of the nose are also damaged and blood also comes.

blood in mucus

put something in the nose
Don’t panic if children’s nose bleeds, check whether they have put something inside the nose or not. Putting something inside the nose can cause nosebleeds.

when the cold does not subside for at least a week Nose bleeds can be caused by nosebleeds and respiratory infections.

any injury or surgery
There is bleeding from the nose even if there is any injury or surgery on the nose or face.

people who take drugs
For those who are heavily addicted to drugs, the nasal passages can be damaged and bleed.


Medications such as aspirin and warfarin can also cause nosebleeds in some people.

high blood pressure
Blood comes from the nose also due to high blood pressure.
lump in nose
If there is a lump in the nose, there will be pain near the eyes.
*nasal congestion
* Loss of ability to smell.

How can nosebleeds be stopped?
Sit on one side and raise your head when bleeding from the nose
*breathe through mouth
* Close and open the nose repeatedly.

* Keep nasal moisturizer in cold, apply petroleum jelly from inside.
* Stop the habit of nose piercing

See a doctor if you have frequent bleeding
visit a doctor and take proper advice.

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