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Drinking the juice of this leaf provides relief from indigestion in summer

Many types of health problems bother us in summer. Many people face digestive problems amid high temperatures and heatwaves. Heat also affects our hormones and metabolism. There is less appetite during these days and there is difficulty in digesting food. Many people have problems with gas and indigestion after eating summer food. When digestion is not good, health is also not good. In such a situation, if gas and indigestion are bothering you in summer, then you should try this easy remedy. We also talked to dietician Nandini about this and she also said it was accurate. Apart from this, it was also said that the juice of this leaf provides many other health benefits.

Sweet neem leaf juice for indigestion in summer
Sweet neem leaf juice for digestion
According to experts, drinking sweet neem leaf juice every morning on an empty stomach provides relief from digestive problems.
When metabolism gets disturbed, problems related to digestion start arising. When the digestive system does not work properly, fat starts accumulating in the body.

In such a situation, just drink the juice of sweet neem leaves to get relief from gas and indigestion.
Sweet neem leaves detoxify the body. Drinking its juice removes the toxins accumulated in the body.
This juice is also beneficial in melting the fat stored in the body.
Curry leaves increase the secretion of digestive enzymes and improve digestion.
It relaxes the stomach muscles.

  • How to make or drink sweet neem leaf juice
  • You can simply chew sweet neem leaves and drink warm water or extract juice from sweet neem leaves and then mix it with water and drink it.
  • You need to use 5-7 sweet neem leaves.
  • You can also boil sweet neem leaves in water and drink it.
  • After boiling it, filter it and add lemon juice to it and drink it.