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Drink this thing mixed with milk at night, you will get relief from many problems

Drinking milk before sleeping at night is beneficial for health. But if instead of plain milk, you add a pinch of nutmeg to it and drink it, then it will get rid of many problems of the body. Grandmothers often recommend eating nutmeg in winter, which today's generation often ignores. So definitely read about these benefits which you get by drinking milk mixed with nutmeg every night.

Relieves insomnia
: If you add a pinch of japhal (nutmeg) powder to a glass of milk before sleeping at night, it relaxes the mind, relieves stress and helps in falling asleep. In case of insomnia, drinking nutmeg mixed with milk provides relief.

What is Jaiphal(Jayphal)?  ,  Know about the benefits of nutmeg.

pain relief
Nutmeg contains many types of oils, which have anti-inflammatory properties, due to which it provides relief from muscle and joint pain. Applying a few drops of nutmeg oil on the painful area provides relief.

relief from cold and cough
In cold weather, drinking nutmeg mixed with milk every night before sleeping provides relief from the problem of cold and cough.

To get relief from gas, indigestion or indigestion, drink milk mixed with nutmeg. This provides relief in digestion. Apart from this, the mixture of milk and nutmeg also improves metabolism.

Beneficial for skin and hair
People who are troubled by skin irritation, wrinkles, acne. Mixing nutmeg in milk and applying it on the face is beneficial.

Keep these things in mind while consuming nutmeg
Take expert advice before including nutmeg in your daily diet. Apart from this, eating more than 5 grams of nutmeg can cause many health problems. Therefore, while using nutmeg, it is very important to keep in mind its quantity.