Sunday , May 19 2024

Dreaded dog bites children and pet dogs, creates panic in the village

Kalanaur: There is an atmosphere of panic in Arlibhan village under Dhyanpur Hospital after a stray dog ​​bit more than three children and about a dozen pet dogs late on Thursday evening. Giving information in this regard, Lilo said that her granddaughter 3, Mehak 6, daughter Raju, who is a student of class 2, Husanpreet Singh, son of Surjit Singh, 11, were bitten and injured by a stray dog ​​while playing.

He told that apart from this, other children and pet dogs of the village have also been bitten by the dog. In this regard, when I talked to Dr. Prabhjot Kaur Kalsi, District Officer of the concerned Health Department, she said that teams of the Health Department will be sent to the village and anti-rabies vaccine will be administered to the victims. They will immediately start the duty of the concerned SMO.