Saturday , July 13 2024

Dr. Ashok Kumar Singh | Live Updates, Unveiling the Latest India News Trends

Saharsa, June 16 (HS). A program was organized on the occasion of Father's Day in Sarv Narayan Singh Ramkumar Singh College. In the program, students told the principal and teachers that you are like our father. You are our guardian. Happy first Father's Day to all of you.

Principal Prof. Dr. Ashok Kumar Singh in his address to the students said that there can be no better guide for children than a father, who always stands as a shield for his children in every situation. We wish a bright future for all you students.

College National Service Scheme Officer Dr. Kapil Dev Paswan said that a father is like a lamp that keeps illuminating the child's life despite suffering himself. NCC Officer Dr. Kumari Seema said that a father always has a priceless storehouse of knowledge to give to us. What can I say about my father, I myself am his creation.

Prof. Shilpa Singh said that what should I say about my father, whatever I say about him will be insufficient. It is only my father who fulfils our every wish by sacrificing his own.