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Don’t Spoil Your Teeth With These Bad Habits Joke!

Just as health is a blessing, similarly it is very important to maintain the health of our teeth. Brush your teeth twice a day. Not only this, it is also very important to rinse the mouth after eating any food. Otherwise it is very difficult to maintain dental health.

You must go to the doctor for a checkup at least once a year. Some of the activities we do for you can damage your teeth. So let’s know which activities can cause damage to the teeth.

Great care must be taken when brushing as pressure is applied to the teeth and gums while brushing. It is not right to put pressure on the teeth and gums while brushing. A hard brush can damage your teeth and gums. Therefore, a soft brush should be used for brushing.

2. Nail biting
Most people have a habit of biting nails. No matter how much the family members advised him, he could not get rid of this habit. Nail biting can cause sagging of your jaw. This keeps your jaw in a stretched position for a long time. So paint your nails to stop biting your nails.

3. Teeth grinding
Many people have the habit of grinding their teeth. This is not good for health. This can damage your teeth. Muscle pain and limited movement of the jaw may be the cause. Take remedial measures to stop this practice. Otherwise it will create problem.

4. Tobacco use
Most of the people consume tobacco. Chewing tobacco or smoking cigarette is certainly not good for health. All tobacco products are harmful to your teeth and gums. Smoking increases your risk of gum disease, bad breath, dry mouth, tooth decay, and oral cancer. So take action to stop smoking completely.

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5. Using a toothpick
After eating food, we usually use a toothpick to remove the food stuck between our teeth. This makes us feel that our teeth are absolutely clean. But as you know that sometimes our gums bleed due to the use of toothpick. This causes infection in the gums. So if you have a habit of using toothpick, leave it today.

6. Drinking soda is dangerous
According to a study, regular consumption of carbonated soft drinks can lead to erosion of tooth enamel. Drink water, milk, green and black tea instead. It helps strengthen your enamel and protect your teeth from oral bacteria. Not only this, do not put too much pressure on the tooth, remove the cover of hard objects and do not chew.

7. Don’t eat sweet foods
According to one study, eating high-sugar snacks between meals can feed bacteria in your mouth. This will start rotting your teeth. Eat a balanced diet so that you are less likely to feel hungry between meals. If you eat sweet food then drink plenty of water.

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