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Does sweating from a workout make acne worse? – News India Live

Some people get pimples after exercising or working out. In some people, the problem of acne increases due to exercise.

Do you wonder what could be the reason for all this? The answer is lack of cleanliness. Yes, going to the gym and exercising is good for health. But some small mistakes made in the gym can make you vulnerable to problems like acne.

So let us tell you what should be done to prevent pimples caused by exercise.

Below are some tips from skin experts to get rid of workout acne:
before your workout
1 , remove makeup ,
Yes, do not forget to remove makeup before exercise. When you exercise with makeup on, that sweat can cause pimples to break out on your face. So remove makeup before exercising. This can prevent acne.

2 , wear clean clothes
Always wear washed and clean clothes for exercise. Once worn, dead skin cells, bacteria and dirt accumulate on your face, causing acne. So reduce the number of times you wear workout clothes without washing them. This will help you to get rid of acne.

3 , Apply oil-free sunscreen:
Apply oil-free sunscreen before heading out to exercise. Yes, the sun can dry out your skin and cause acne. So don’t forget to apply sunscreen. It protects you from harmful rays. Not only this, it prevents many skin problems like acne.

4. Use a clean towel
Use a clean towel to wipe off sweat from exercise. If you reuse a towel that has been used once or has been used by someone else, it can lead to acne. So use clean towels. Also, wipe the sweat by pressing it gently. Rubbing can make acne worse.

5. Clean the instruments:
Exercise equipment is full of acne-causing bacteria and the oils many people use. If you use it directly then there is a possibility that germs may reach your face from your hands. So it is better to use a wipe before using any tool.

6. Take a bath after workout:
Don’t forget to shower immediately after a workout. It can get rid of acne-causing bacteria. Taking any cleanser of your choice and taking a quick shower can keep you away from workout acne.

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