Saturday , July 13 2024

Do you shake the bottle before feeding your baby? – If you know the harm, don’t make this mistake again

Parenting Tips: Often when children stop drinking their mother's milk, parents are often worried about how to feed them milk. In such a situation, parents gradually start feeding their children with a bottle. Drinking milk from a bottle also fills the baby's stomach and parents do not have to work hard to feed them. Many parents shake the milk bottle a lot before giving milk to their children, so that the milk, sugar and formula milk mix well in the bottle. But do you know that shaking the milk bottle and feeding the child can have a bad effect on their health. The doctor has told about the harm caused by shaking the milk bottle to children.

Disadvantages of feeding the baby by shaking the bottle

  • If you shake the bottle and give it to the baby, many small air bubbles enter the milk. These bubbles can increase the gas problem in your baby's stomach.
  • Shaking your baby's milk bottles vigorously can destroy some of the essential nutrients in the milk. So if you want your baby to get the essential nutrients in the milk safely, avoid shaking their milk bottle.
  • Shaking the baby's milk bottle too much causes it to foam, which increases the chances of the baby spitting up more after drinking.

Do this before feeding your baby
Gently swirl or shake the milk bottle before feeding. This way, the formula stuck at the bottom of the milk bottle will help the milk powder mix with the milk without damaging its nutrients. Also make sure that the hole in the milk bottle is of the right size, so that the baby does not face any discomfort in drinking milk. With these methods, you can save your baby from all these problems.