Saturday , April 13 2024

Do you know the symptoms of oral cancer? But don't ignore it

Cancer is a deadly disease which has become fatal for the whole world. Many types of cancers are affecting people. Especially in highly populated countries including America and India, this cancer has spread like an epidemic.

Recently, research is being done on cancer treatment and injections, due to which cancer can be cured in its early stages. However, some types of cancer can also occur in healthy individuals. This means that the presence of cancer in a person who has not developed any malignancy and is in good health is a cause for great concern.

Among the many types of cancer, oral cancer is also the most dangerous type of cancer. It is more common in people who have bad habits like chewing tobacco, drinking alcohol or smoking cigarettes. This does not mean that a person who does not have any of these cannot get oral cancer.

Called oral cancer, it forms in the oral cavity, involving all parts of your mouth including the lips, gums, tongue, cheeks and even the roof of the mouth. So let us know how mouth cancer occurs and what are its symptoms.

Swelling feeling around teeth and gums

It can be very difficult to detect oral cancer early. In mouth cancer, first of all swelling occurs around the gums and teeth. Teeth start becoming loose. The jaw may be affected by ulcers around the jaw, swollen gums, swelling in the jaw or unbearable pain that sometimes does not go away.

change in voice

Oral cancer is difficult to detect in its early stages and you will notice its symptoms. Significant changes in voice quality or prolonged hoarseness accompanied by nasal, nasopharyngeal, laryngeal or voice box pain may be a sign of cancer.

Difficulty swallowing (dysphagia)

Difficulty or pain in swallowing, i.e. a sharp pain in the throat when you eat or drink water, may indicate throat or esophageal cancer.

mouth ulcers and watering

Ulcers in the neck, throat or mouth, or lumps inside the throat or mouth are symptoms of cancer. Apart from this, if you have bad smell from your mouth even after cleaning your mouth regularly then it is a sign of developing cancer cells.

ulcers on tongue

Oral cancer first appears as sores in or on the mouth. Along with this, lesions in the form of white spots can also be seen on the tongue. This is a sign that cancer cells are growing.

Other symptoms of mouth cancer

Changes in teeth, spontaneous loss of teeth, loose teeth or poorly fitting dentures can be indicators of jaw cancer. Because of this it will not be possible to prepare spicy food. Inability to chew when eating too much food or when the mouth is full, excessive swelling under the chin may occur.