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Do you drink honey mixed with hot water to lose weight? 90 percent people make mistakes, know the right way

Whenever you mention your increasing weight to someone, the first weight loss advice you get is, 'Start drinking warm water mixed with honey in the morning on an empty stomach.' This advice is so easy that you start following it to reduce your protruding belly, but do you know that a small mistake can cause problems for you. The honey which you are considering as nectar for increasing your weight, may prove to be poison for you due to this small mistake of yours. According to Ayurveda experts, honey should never be taken with hot water.

Actually, nowhere in Ayurveda is it advised to consume honey with hot water. Experts say that 'this way you can understand where honey comes from. Bees collect the nectar of many flowers and make honey from it. In such a situation, these bees sometimes bring the juice of poisonous flowers. In such a situation, whenever you consume honey with hot water, such poisonous nature can become active in it. Actually the nature of poison is hot. In such a situation, drinking honey mixed with hot water can become poisonous.

Health benefits of honey lemon water that you never knew about.  my own water

According to Ayurveda, you should always drink hot water mixed with honey. If the temperature of the water is high i.e. hot then it can cause you more harm than good. Apart from this, drinking honey mixed with hot water also destroys some of its essential and important elements.

Benefits of honey-
For weight loss, always drink honey with warm water.
Honey also improves your digestive system.
For good skin, mix honey and lemon in multani mitti and apply it on the face.
You can also take honey instead of sugar.
Honey also reduces muscle inflammation.