Do these simple steps to stay rich for life

Many times, even after hard work, the life of a person goes only to the normal level, so today we have brought some such simple measures for you which will bring happiness and prosperity in your home as well as will improve your business. These simple steps will always keep your life full of money and prosperity.

These measures open the doors of money gain:

# Shivling of crystal opens the doors of happiness and prosperity in the house. If you want happiness and prosperity in your home and life, then worship the Shivling of crystal but keep in mind that the Shivling should be of real crystal.

# There should be less number of windows and doors in your house. By constructing the house in this way, there will always be peace and joy in your life.

# Many people make toilet and kitchen built in the same line which is not right. This creates an atmosphere of unrest in the house, so never do such work.

# If you put pictures of God’s blessings inside or outside the house, then keep in mind that the face of these pictures should be outside the house.

# Many people install Shree Yantra at any place in their house for happiness and prosperity, which is wrong. If you install Shriyantra in your house, then keep it in your worship house.

# Many people want wealth and success in their life. Such people should keep the pyramid in the north-west direction of their living room. By doing this they will definitely get success.