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Do not eat these 5 food items even by mistake on Sunday, otherwise you will face the wrath of Lord Surya.

Surya is the most important deity in Hinduism. In astrology, Sun is considered the ruler of the nine planets. This Sun God can ride on a chariot with seven horses.

These seven horses represent the 7 colors of the rainbow or the 7 chakras of the body. In astrology, this Sun is considered to be the factor of soul, fame, leadership qualities, courage, kingship, fatherhood and kindness.

Each day of the week is dedicated to each deity. Sunday is the day of Lord Surya. Those who want to get the blessings of the Sun, if they do things that please the Sun on this day, then they can get the full blessings of the Sun. At the same time, if you do some work on Sunday, you may have to face the wrath of Lord Surya.

If one has Rasinathan Sun or Sun is in a bad position in one’s horoscope, then it is better for them to avoid eating certain foods on Sunday. Otherwise you will get the curse of Lord Surya. Let us now know which food items should not be consumed on Sunday.

Red Lentil

Gram has high amount of protein. It also contains more protein than meat. Therefore one should avoid consuming it or making offerings on Sundays.


Many vegetarian people include spinach in their diet. But eating spinach on Sunday is considered inauspicious. This is because spinach is a short-lived perennial plant and is said to symbolize death in Vaishnavism. Therefore you should avoid consuming this vegetable.


Although garlic has many medicinal properties and is excellent in reducing blood pressure, cholesterol etc., astrology says to avoid consuming garlic cloves on Sunday. Because it represents the sweat of the dead.


Most people cook and eat non-vegetarian food only on Sunday. Those who want to eat fish should do so on Sunday and eat patiently. It is good to eat fish. But one should avoid eating fish on Sunday.


It is difficult to cook without onion. Actually, onion is a vegetable which is included in every cooking. But eating this onion on Sunday is considered inauspicious.

The Reason

Read on to know the reasons why the above 5 foods should not be eaten on Sunday. Killing a cow is still considered a sin in Hindu religion. People are opposing it in many areas. But nothing much was said about it at that time.

Because Gomath Yaga is mentioned in Hindu mythology. It was considered a ritual of cow sacrifice. There is a story about this. Once a sage thought of performing Goma Yagya on Sunday. In this Yagya, a cow is sacrificed in the morning and is revived in the evening. The sage’s wife was weak. He could not bear his hunger.

Munivaram and his wife lived on fruits and vegetables. Unable to bear the hunger, the sage’s wife decided to cut a small piece of the dead cow and cook it. But the sage’s wife could not bear that smell. So, he threw that piece in the forest. Then it broke into two pieces.

In the evening the sage revived the cow. Then the pieces thrown in the forest also became alive. Thus, the fleshy part of the first pieces thrown fell on the ground in the form of garlic and the second part fell in the pond and was eaten as fish. The blood that fell on the ground turned into red beans, its skin into onions and the bone stem into spinach. This is the reason why eating these food items is prohibited on Sunday.

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