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Do not eat such wet almonds, sticky substance is dangerous, know the right way to eat them

Almond is called the king of dry fruits. It is the most nutritious fruit and due to the nutrients found in almonds, almonds contain all the properties found in other dry fruits including protein, fiber. According to health experts, almonds should be included in your diet after every meal, which can provide complete nutrition to the body. Almonds can be eaten in many ways. So let us know which method is best.

Health benefits of soaking almonds in water before eating, 43% off

Almonds are hot in nature, hence it is advised to eat them daily after soaking or peeling them. According to health experts, people need protein and omega three fatty acids daily. Therefore a young person should consume at least 14 grams of almonds.

It contains about 4 grams of protein and 1 to 2 grams of fiber. Almonds also provide calories and good fats to the body. In such times, adults including children must eat almonds daily.

Honey-Roasted Almonds Recipe

If you are eating soaked almonds then peel them and eat them. According to the doctor, when soaked almonds, a substance called tannin appears on its skin, hence removing it gives 100 percent benefits of almonds. Consuming food containing tannins can cause many health problems.

Health experts say that eating dried almonds is a medicine. If the child has cold, then roast two almonds on a pan at night till they swell. Then give it to the children when it is slightly warm.

Apart from this, some people also eat almonds by roasting them in ghee or adding salt and black pepper. By doing this the taste of almonds will increase but almonds cannot be eaten like this every day. Sometimes such food is harmful. But eating like this all the time increases many elements, which can prove harmful.