Friday , April 19 2024

Disaster Management Authority told people ways to avoid heat wave disaster

Meerut, 02 April (HS). The changing weather has started making people sick. In such a situation, measures have been issued by the District Disaster Management Authority to protect people from heat wave disaster. People can protect themselves from heat stroke by adopting these measures.

Additional District Magistrate Finance and Revenue Suryakant Tripathi said that measures have been issued in public interest by the District Disaster Management Authority, Meerut, to deal with the heatwave (loo) disaster in the financial year 2024-25.

What to do – Use a towel, hat, glasses and umbrella while going out of the house. Wear light colored loose cotton clothes and avoid harsh sunlight. Consume adequate amount of liquid beverages like buttermilk, lassi, salt-sugar solution, lemon water and mango juice. Drink water frequently even if you do not feel thirsty. Use ORS solution to avoid dehydration. Always keep water with you while travelling. Eat balanced, light and regular food. While cooking, keep windows, doors and windows open at night. Install reflectors such as aluminum foil, cardboard or black curtains on windows and doors through which hot air comes.

He told to take special care of the elderly, children and pregnant women. Take rest in between hard work. Paint the roof of the house lime or white. Stay indoors as much as possible and avoid exposure to the sun. Listen to the local weather forecast and be alert to temperature changes.

Recognize the symptoms of heat stroke. If you feel weakness, headache, vomiting, muscle cramps and dizziness, consult a doctor immediately. Make the person affected by heat stroke lie down in the shade and wipe it with wet cotton clothes or spray water on the body. If you do not get relief, immediately take yourself to the nearest medical center. Get first aid training to deal with emergencies. Keep the animals tied in the shade and give them enough water to drink.

What not to do – Do not consume beverages like hot tea, coffee and alcohol. Do not go out in strong sunlight, do not exercise in extreme heat and sunlight. Do not leave children and pets in vehicles parked in the sun. Do not consume high proton and stale foods.