Thursday , April 18 2024

Director Secondary Education and DIOS Banda should follow the order or appear: High Court

Prayagraj, 15 February (HS). Allahabad High Court has directed Mahendra Dev, Director of Secondary Education and Vijay Pal Singh, District School Inspector Banda to comply with the order or appear before March 6.

Justice Vikas Wednesday has given this order while hearing the contempt petition of Kamal Narayan Chaturvedi. The petitioner says that the High Court, while partially accepting the petition, had ordered the petitioner to join within six weeks and to pay him half the salary for the days he did not work. After contempt notice filed for non-compliance, DIOS filed an affidavit stating that the petitioner has been joined on 16 March 22. Correspondence has been sent to higher authorities for payment of half of the outstanding salary of Rs 18811 from 17 March 22 to 31 March 22. Payment will be made as soon as the budget comes. On this, the court has made the Director and DIOS as parties and directed them to follow the order.