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Saharsa, June 17 (HS). The death anniversary of writer Rajkamal Chaudhary, resident of Mahisi in the district, is celebrated on June 19. Maithili Abhiyan educationist Dilip Kumar Chaudhary said that Rajkamal was the heartbeat of literature. He will always shine like the Pole Star in the literary sky. He said that human nature is like God. Literature surrenders to the conspiracies and circumstances of time and tries to establish this divinity in its place. Our civilization is based on literature, not preaching, but by making emotions pulsate, by shaking the soft strings of the mind and establishing harmony with nature.

The soul within the world is the soul of the nation. Literature is the representative of the soul and Rajkamal is the heartbeat of this literature. He tried to remove the darkness prevailing in the entire social system with his knowledge-ray aura. The work of literature is the declaration of acceptance of human values. It is also a reflection on the naked reality. This is the basic foundation of the story. During Sankranti, human society is in a state of value disintegration and value inertia. Rajkamal was a person who was not against life but a supporter of life. Despite difficulties, he stood in the midst of society and tried to uplift life through his unique writings.

Along with bread and politics, he also expressed his views on women's issues. No other writer has done so much at such a young age of about thirty-eight years. People tried to hold him back. But he lived his entire life at a young age and left an indelible mark on the national scene. He left an impression. Raj Kamal was an existentialist. He was a follower of free thought. He tries to understand the world power on the basis of human life experience instead of existentialist logic. He considers only dog-perception knowledge to be the most beneficial knowledge. Experience should be pure, that is, free from prejudice.

Raj Kamal was very familiar with the problems and frustrations of the middle class. He believed that the root of all problems is money. Freedom comes from money! Morality comes from money, not from philosophy alone. Only money can break the customs and frustrations of generations of middle class. He was the breadwinner of a joint family. His childhood was spent in hardship. Free-thinking and nomadic, he traveled to many places. As a child, he spent time in Mussoorie and Calcutta.

In this process, he gave a new edge to his pen. He believed that surrender gives courage and strength to man. Due to inferiority, man spends his life in despair and misery. Man is devoid of nature. Man is afraid of nature. Extremely afraid of neighbors and rivals! It does this from the known to the unknown, from the visible to the invisible. Surrender makes one powerful. Because surrender is a powerful life.