Friday , June 14 2024

Diabetes: These things including jaggery are poisonous for diabetic patients, increasing the risk

diabetes: In diabetes, insulin production in the body does not occur properly or stops. To control this, a person needs to pay special attention to his eating habits. Diabetic patients should avoid certain foods and drinks. These everyday things can cause deadly blood sugar spikes.

Let us today tell you about some food items which are dangerous for diabetic patients. If these things are consumed in large quantities, the risk of fatal diseases like heart disease also increases. If you are also consuming any of these things in excess quantity, then change your habit from today itself.

These things are harmful for diabetic patients

Many people believe that jaggery is better than sugar. Therefore, jaggery is used extensively in everything from cooking to garnishing. But jaggery can prove to be a blood sugar booster for diabetic patients. Jaggery is 100% healthier than sugar but not good for diabetics.

It is believed that diabetic patients should be careful about eating only swallowed food. But excess salt also affects diabetic patients. Consuming too much salt increases the risk of high blood pressure and can also cause kidney and heart related diseases. Health experts say that it is better for diabetic patients to eat Sindhav salt instead of white salt.

Curd is not digested quickly because it is hot. Curd takes time to digest, due to which the digestive system of diabetic patients can become weak. Apart from this, consuming too much curd can also cause problems like cholesterol and weight gain. Diabetic patients should drink buttermilk instead of curd.