Saturday , July 13 2024

Dharmendra advised Isha to reconcile with her husband

Mumbai: It is said that father Dharmendra has advised daughter Esha Deol to reconsider divorce. Mother Hema Malini is in support of Isha's decision but according to Dharmendra, divorce can affect the future of the children.

Dharmendra and Hema Malini's daughter Esha Deol had announced a few days ago that she and husband Bharat Takhtani are separating.

Isha did not give any specific reason for the breakup. But, according to the discussions going on in the Bollywood circles, Bharat Takhtani's extramarital affairs led to bitterness between the husband and wife. It was also discussed that for some time, Isha was not living with her husband but with her mother Hema.

Hema is in support of Malini's daughter's decision and according to her, Isha is allowed to take all the decisions of her personal life. However, father Dharmendra is angry with Isha's decision. According to him, divorce of any couple can affect the future of children and hence parents should avoid divorce for the sake of children also. It is said that he also asked Isha to reconcile with her husband. Bharat Takhtani has special respect for Dharmendra. However, it is not known whether Dharmendra is in touch with him regarding this matter or not. Isha and Bharat have two younger daughters. Isha announced her separation from her husband only after saying that she and Bharat would continue to perform joint duties as parents to their daughters.