Thursday , April 18 2024

Dhamtari: Life is not possible without trees in the world: Pandit Jhamman Shastri

Dhamtari, 15 February (HS). Shrimad Bhagwat Knowledge Week Yagya Maha-Mahotsav is organized in Sorid ward of the city. On the sixth day of the event, storyteller Acharya Pandit Jhamman Shastri Maharaj, while narrating the auspicious occasion of Rukhmani marriage to all the devotees, said that it is rare to wish for a life without trees. Life is not possible. In foreign countries, rivers, mountains, trees and plants are considered only as objects of consumption, whereas in India, rivers and trees are worshipped.

Storyteller Acharya Pandit Jhamman Shastri Maharaj further said that the indiscriminate cutting of trees in the country hurts the atmosphere and nature. If this continues, destruction is possible. Thousands of years ago it became known that the human race exists as long as there are rivers and mother cows. Whatever be the festival, if the children decide to plant one tree, then trillions of trees will be planted in this country with a population of crores. A large number of trees and plants can be planted. From Lord Shri Krishna we can learn how to love nature and Lord Shri Krishna gives the same message to love nature. This is what the Lord has taught. Worship is also necessary. In Sanatan Dharma, no rituals are performed without God in nature. A person should try to ensure that not even a trace of ego is present in him. Somehow ostentation should also be avoided.

People create distance in the name of worship and worship. There is a need to increase it, only then humans on earth will remain healthy and prosperous for thousands of years to come. Shastri said that the tradition of Bhagwat Katha Ram Katha should continue throughout the year. On this pretext, people connected with Bhagwat for 365 days i.e. throughout the year. Along with this, Sanatan Dharma will rise. Along with the joy of Bal Leela Rasleela, we also have to understand the circumstances under which Shishupala and Kansa were killed. We should withdraw our hands from excessive rhetoric and repressive tactics. In the holy festival of Rukhmani Mangal, the work of worshiping Lord Lakshmi Narayan in the form of Rukhmani and Krishna was completed. A large number of devotees were present to listen to Bhagwat Katha.