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Dhami Cabinet approves amendments in Budget, Jamrani Dam and Song Dam Project, Gangster Act

Dehradun, 21 February (HS). An important meeting of Dhami cabinet was held on Wednesday. In this, many important points have been approved including the budget proposal, Jamrani Dam and Song Dam project, amendment in the Gangster Act, promotion of Diploma Engineers, two amendments in RERA, laying the accounts of the Energy Department for the year 2022 on the table of the Assembly.

On Wednesday, the Cabinet meeting was held under the chairmanship of Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami in the fifth floor-Veerchandra Singh Garhwali auditorium of the Secretariat. Due to the budget session being called, the cabinet briefing was not held. The budget proposal was approved in the Cabinet, which will be presented in the Assembly in the budget session. Jamrani Dam and Saung Dam project have also been approved. Ban on boring in the catchment areas of rivers where drinking water is being used. With the approval to table the accounts of the Energy Department for the year 2022 in the Assembly, a decision was taken on two amendments in RERA under the Housing Department.

In the Housing Department, instead of EWS quota buildings being constructed in projects larger than 5 thousand square meters, shelter fund can now be deposited in the concerned authority. Till now, people having less than 5000 square meters had the facility to deposit shelter fund. Now there will be no height restriction for building EWS projects under the Housing Department. Providing lift facility will be mandatory. Earlier only G3 was manufactured.

Approval was given for promotion of Diploma Engineers. Under micro and small industries, now full stamp duty will be collected first in the registry of industries and reimbursement will be given later.

If the post of Vice Chancellor in the university becomes vacant, now additional charge can be given to the Vice Chancellor of another university for six months. The Gangster Act has been amended. Child labour, fake currency, human trafficking, bonded labor are also included in the Gangster Act.

Lab on Wheels will be run by the Education Department in 13 districts of the state. Initially operations will be conducted in four districts. Under the Education Department, B.Ed has become mandatory for arts teachers. The duration of Sangeet Prabhakar degree for music teachers will be 6 years instead of 5. LT teachers will get inter-divisional transfer facility once during their entire service. For granting travel leave to teachers, the file will be sent to the Finance and Justice Department for examination. Village development officers will be given paid training of two months instead of six months. The tender process has been approved to soon purchase equipment for the health department hospitals built in Badrinath-Kedarnath.

Jamrani Dam Project-

It is proposed to construct Jamrani Dam (1500 m height) on Gola River, 10 km upstream from Kathgodam in Nainital district of Uttarakhand state. Based on latest crop cycle and water availability, CCA is currently 150027 hectares. Through the project, additional irrigation facility is proposed in 9458 hectares of the state and 47607 hectares of Uttar Pradesh.

Due to the construction of the dam, 117 MLD drinking water will be supplied to Haldwani Kathgodam through gravity system, which will also help in solving the increasing drinking water problem of this area and will reduce the current dependence on drinking water supply.

The total revised cost of the project at the year 2023 price level recommended by the TAC of the Planning Department is 3808.16 crores against 1557.18 crores per day. The remaining amount is to be borne by the concerned states as per the prescribed arrangement by the MoU signed by Uttar Pradesh and the State on behalf of the Ministry of Government of India. Approval has been given from the Cabinet.

Dam Drinking Water Project on Song River-

Construction of drinking water dam project on Song river is proposed for urban and its disposal and drinking water supply under Dehradun district. Due to which the supply of 150 MLD (1.75 cumec) drinking water for Dehradun city and suburban areas can be ensured through gravity.

As a result, the decline in ground water level will be controlled and will have a very favorable impact on the environment. Apart from increasing fish production, the lake formed by the dam will also increase tourism. The cost of the project is Rs. 2491.96 crores and the Government of India is funding the capital expenditure under the head of special assistance to the states and according to the revised NPV and CAT plan and rehabilitation policy for the approval of the final phase of the forest land, the displaced/affected department. Approval has been received for compensation of assets and other assistance.