Friday , April 19 2024

Despite the experience of 85 test matches, Ajinkya Rahane made a childish mistake

At present, along with the five-match Test series against England, Ranji Trophy matches are also being played in India. India's experienced batsman and Mumbai team captain Ajinkya Rahane on Friday made a mistake in the match against Assam in India's domestic tournament, which is not usually expected from an experienced player.

Actually, Rahane was out for the first time in his cricket career for obstructing the fielding. After his dismissal, Assam players did something on the field which everyone is praising. Let us tell you that on the cricket field, when the batsman stops the throw made by the fielder to avoid run out, then fielding is hindered.

obstructing the field

Given out for obstructing fielding. When Rahane was out, he was batting on 18 runs. However, Assam captain Danish Das withdrew his appeal after talking to some players as Rahane was returning from the field and the veteran batsman was called back into the field to bat. Now everyone is praising the sportsmanship of the Assam team.

Rahane did not take advantage of life support

Ajinkya Rahane could not take advantage of the gift of life given by Assam. Rahane, who batted after giving life on the field, could add only 4 more runs in his innings and was clean bowled on the score of 22 runs. Rahane has been struggling with very poor form for some time. This legendary batsman, who was out of the Indian team, could not perform well in even a single match of Ranji Trophy. Considering his poor form, his hopes of returning to the Indian team seem almost impossible.