Thursday , April 18 2024

Delhi: Major accident in Alipur, 11 people died due to fire in paint factory

Once again a case of fire has come to light in the capital Delhi. A fire broke out in a paint factory in Alipur, Delhi. According to the information, 11 people died and 4 people were injured in this fire. The fire has now been brought under control but the search operation is still going on. According to Delhi Fire Service Director Atul Garg, two other people may still be trapped.

chemical explosion
Alipore area of ​​Delhi is densely populated. A paint factory was running in a crowded area. According to a fire department official, they received information about the fire at 5 pm on Thursday. Chemical explosions occurred. According to NDRF, 11 people lost their lives in this incident, while 4 others were injured. A total of 30 fire engines are trying to control the fire.

Identification of the dead difficult
Identification of most of the dead is also becoming difficult. Their bodies are mostly completely burnt. The deceased are said to be factory workers. When the fire broke out, they started extinguishing the fire. Meanwhile, the drum of chemical used in making paint burst. It is also being said that the death toll due to the massive fire in the factory may increase. Search operation is going on inside the factory.