Sunday , May 19 2024

Deepika publicly beat her husband, users scolded her, said – If he beats her like this… – News India Live

Deepika Arya Troll: The famous YouTube couple Tehelka Bhai i.e. Sunny Arya and his wife Deepika Arya have had to face a lot of criticism for their new video.

In her recent stint video, Deepika has publicly beaten her husband Sunny. Because of this, users have criticized him a lot.

This video is now going viral. Deepika asked Sunny about her heavy gold chain, which is always visible around her neck, but is now missing.

Sunny says that he has not lost it but has given it to someone. Hearing this, Deepika gets angry and starts beating him publicly. Deepika says angrily, improve your behavior and bring the chain now, you will get the house looted. And keeps slapping continuously.

Although the couple wanted to show humor through this video, but the users did not like it at all. He started Deepika's class. One wrote- 'What would have happened if my husband had killed me like this in public?' While the other one said, 'Have some respect for your husband', I am not laughing but getting angry.

Many others wrote – Beat your husband publicly and have fun, the video will be funny. If your husband beats you, you will call the police. You will get ten teachings. Sunny Arya was recently seen in Bigg Boss Season 17. But he was eliminated after a fight with co-contestant Abhishek Kumar.