Friday , June 14 2024

Death of an American businessman made 700 employees the owner of the company before leaving the world

An American businessman has died at the age of 94, but before leaving this world, he did such a thing that his name is being discussed everywhere.

Bob Moore, founder of a company called Bob's Ray Mill, has handed over the ownership of his company to the 700 employees working in the company. This company is known for manufacturing organic food products.

According to media reports, instead of selling his company, Bob Moore gave ownership rights of the company to 700 employees. In 2010 he decided to step down as owner of the company. On his 81st birthday, he started making the 209 employees working in the company at that time the owners of the company's shares. By 2020, the number of employees working in this company increased to 700.

Moore said that I want to break the unwritten tradition that the boss thinks about his own profits more than his employees. 70 years ago I learned that hard work and a kind nature are necessary to be successful. As my business grew, I realized that God had given me the opportunity to be generous. The Bible says you should treat others as you would like them to treat you. I think this is the mantra of survival.

Bob Moore said that Bob's Red Mill Company was a dream and it has come true. I love the company so much that I have decided never to sell it and have turned down many offers to buy the company. Many people who came to buy the company thought I was crazy.

Moore remained on the company's board of directors until his last breath. He said, I have been successful and I have not wasted money wrongly. I always work with a purpose.

Bob Moore was 49 years old when he founded the company. Before this he used to run a gas station. By 2018, his company's revenues were estimated to exceed $100 million. The company's products are sold in more than 70 countries.

After the death of Bob Moore, the company paid tribute to him, saying, “We are committed to carrying forward Bob's legacy by providing organic products to people around the world.”