Thursday , June 20 2024

Danger of new wave of Corona in Singapore, hospitals filled with patients |Live Updates,Unveiling the Latest India News Trends

The threat of Corona virus has increased once again in the world. The continuously increasing cases of Corona in Singapore have created fear in other countries of the world as well. A new wave of Corona virus has arrived, will Corona wreak havoc in the world again? Many such questions are arising in the minds of people. So amidst all these things, the number of Corona patients in Singapore is shocking. A new wave of Covid-19 is being seen here. The cases of Covid-19 are continuously increasing. 26 thousand cases have been reported between May 5 and 11. Singapore's Health Minister Ong Ye Kung has advised people to wear masks.

Arrival of new wave of Corona in Singapore

According to the information, the beginning of a new wave of Corona virus is being seen in Singapore. A continuous increase in cases is being seen in Singapore. Corona cases may reach their peak in the next two to four weeks. This clearly means that Singapore will see a new wave of corona virus between mid and end of June.

250 corona patients are emerging every day in Singapore.

According to Singapore's Health Ministry, the average number of COVID-19 cases between May 5 and 11 rose to 25,900, compared to 13,700 cases the previous week. Daily cases of Corona epidemic have increased from 181 to close to 250. So this has now become a matter of concern for the system.

Health Ministry advised people

Regarding the increasing cases of Corona virus, Singapore's Health Ministry said that new measures are being taken to save hospital bed capacity. Public hospitals have been advised to reduce elective surgeries and other procedures. Patients are asked to be transferred to infectious disease facilities. Also, mildly ill people have been asked to take care at home.

Senior citizens or people suffering from serious illnesses have been asked to remain alert

Singapore's health minister warned people over the age of 60, vulnerable people and the elderly, most at risk of serious illness, should be careful. He further informed that a hospital with a capacity of one thousand beds is ready. So that in future, health services do not have to make much preparation.

He asked Singaporeans to wear masks, stay home if they are sick, and get vaccinated. He further said that senior citizens, people suffering from serious diseases should be vaccinated once a year. This is important to mention because they can get infected quickly.