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Dance Video: Desi girl did a tremendous dance on Haryanvi song, won people’s hearts with her expression

Trends Of Discover, New Delhi: Along with the fun and excitement of Haryanvi songs, dance videos also have a lot of importance. From Sapna Chaudhary to Gori Nagori and Rachna Tiwari, famous dancers have won the hearts of the audience with their magical dance. But recently a new ‘doll’ girl has done such an amazing dance that everyone’s eyes are fixed on her.

The real name of the new ‘doll’ girl whose dance video is going viral on social media is Anusha Sharma. Watching his dance, one not only realizes that he is so young and lucky, but there is a lot of magic hidden in his dancing skills. Seeing his dance moves and expressions, it is clearly visible to everyone that he has danced with full feeling.

Watching his dance videos shows that he is not only a good dancer, but he also has the ability to understand the emotions of a great dancer. From their agency to their expression, everything can be found in their dance.

Even famous dancers were surprised

Sapna Choudhary, Gori Nagori and Rachna Tiwari – all these popular dancers are known for their unique dance styles. Her dance makes people happy and her fans eagerly wait for her new dance videos. But this time the dance of the ‘Doll’ girl has surprised even them.

He has incorporated new dance techniques in his dance which have surprised other dancers. Her very natural dance style has entertained everyone and added a new energy to her acting.

buzz on social media

Dance video of ‘Doll’ girl is going viral on social media platforms. People are praising his dance and his generosity. After watching his dance video, people are praising him even more and his followers are also increasing.

The dance video of this ‘doll’ girl showed that despite one’s young age, there is no limit to one’s art and talent. Her dance has captivated everyone, be it Sapna Choudhary or Gori Nagori. At the same time, it also teaches us that it is absolutely possible today to showcase your talent to the world through social media.

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