Tuesday , June 18 2024

D. Bangladesh lost to Africa because of a strange rule. Otherwise there will be another fiasco

T20 World Cup, Bangladesh vs South Africa: Low scoring is being seen in most of the matches of the T20 World Cup being played in America. Meanwhile, many small teams are also making upsets. Something similar happened in the match played between South Africa and Bangladesh yesterday. Bangladesh also came close to making an upset in this match where it had to face defeat by 4 runs. However, one decision of the umpire in this match was controversial. The impact of which probably proved to be heavy on Bangladesh.

What was the controversial decision?

In the match played between South Africa and Bangladesh, Bangladesh lost by four runs due to umpire's wrong decision and ICC rules. Bangladesh team looked unhappy with the umpire's decision. If Bangladesh had got these four runs, the result would have been different. In the match played in New York, South Africa batted first and scored 113 runs for 6 wickets in 20 overs. While chasing the target, Bangladesh team could score only 109 runs for the loss of 7 wickets in 20 overs.

Bangladesh batsman challenged the decision

South Africa's Otniel Bartman bowled a ball to Bangladesh batsman Mahmudullah which hit his pad and crossed the boundary line. Bartman appealed for LBW. The umpire gave Mahmudullah out and did not give four runs for leg bye. Mahmudullah challenged the umpire's decision. In the final decision, the batsman was given not out. However, according to ICC rules, if the umpire gives a player out, the boundary or any runs scored by the player are not counted and the ball is declared a dead ball.

South Africa continue to dominate

South Africa maintained its dominance by defeating Bangladesh in a low-scoring match. South Africa has never lost to Bangladesh in the T20 World Cup. The Proteas have a one-sided 9-0 record against Bangladesh in the T20 World Cup