Friday , April 19 2024

Crowd gathered to pull the chariot of Rangji temple, people were seen desperate to pull the 60 feet high chariot

Mathura, 02 April (Hindus). On Tuesday, in the Brahmotsav of Rangji temple of Vrindavan, which connects North to South, there was a competition among the devotees to pull the chariot of Lord Ranganath with the chant of Lord Ranganath ki Jai. The one who got the chance to pull the chariot became blessed. The one who could not find it blessed himself by saluting Lord Ranganath from a distance.

Due to the announcement of Rath Yatra on Tuesday, a fair was organized outside Rangji temple. Before the chariot of Lord Ranganath seated on a very attractively decorated 60 feet high chariot started moving, aarti was performed amidst Vedic mantras and blowing of conch and after that the chariot started pulling by devotees from all over the country and abroad. With the cheers of Lord Ranganath, the chariot slowly left for Rangji's garden and after several hours it reached Rangji's garden. Where after giving rest to the Lord for a few hours, the chariot again reached the main gate of Rangji temple.

While this was a unique experience for Madhu, who came from Lakhimpur Kheri, Sudha Krishnan, who came from Chennai after pulling the chariot, was so emotional that her eyes welled up. Some similar sentiments were seen in Harshil who came from Chennai. Purushettam Srinivasan who came from Mumbai, Saint Shridharacharya who came from Ayodhya and some devotees who came from Nepal also became emotional after pulling the chariot.

Temple CEO Anagha Srinivasan said that this chariot was taken out on the seventh day of the ongoing Bramhotsav in the temple. Brahmotsav will conclude by placing Lord Ranganath in Pushpak Viman and bringing him to Rangji garden and then taking him back to the temple.

He told that this was the 176th Brahmotsav of the temple and the chariot was also equally old and made of sandalwood. Senior Superintendent of Police Shailesh Kumar Pandey said that the police had to struggle a lot today to control the huge crowd to pull the chariot. He said that despite the huge crowd of pilgrims, no untoward incident occurred anywhere.