Friday , June 14 2024

Crops on thousands of bighas of land in two villages were destroyed in the fire

Jhansi, 18 April (Hindus). The fire wreaked havoc on the crops standing in the fields of farmers in the district. Many bighas of farmers' crops were burnt to ashes. A massive fire broke out in crops of several bighas in two villages of Shahjahanpur police station area. Seeing the flames, the villagers got scared, soon the flames spread towards the village with the strong wind and there was a stampede in the village.

The fire brigade vehicles that reached the spot tried to extinguish the fire, but could not control the fire. Soon, police forces from several police stations including the Tehsil administration reached the spot and tried to control the fire for several hours. Was brought under control. Seeing the crops standing in the fields burning, the farmers said that their months of hard work and their crops have been burnt to ashes.

A spark broke out during threshing in village Daiguva of Shahjahanpur police station area, causing a fire in the field. Within no time the fire took a huge form. With the strong wind, the flames started rising far and wide and during this, crops worth several thousand bighas got burnt. The fire reached Bakuva village, causing a stampede in the village. The situation was so dire that wherever you looked, only fire was visible. Somehow the villagers were trying to extinguish the fire.

As soon as the information was received, police forces from several police stations including the Sub-Collector of Moth Tehsil reached the spot and information was given at all the fire stations in the district. After the information, half a dozen fire engines reached there. The fire was so huge that fire brigade vehicles could not control it. After hours of hard work the fire could be controlled. The situation had become so bad that farmers were seen crying and extinguishing the fire in their crops by filling water in sacks. Many people became emotional after seeing this picture. At present, after a lot of hard work, the fire has almost been controlled.