Thursday , April 18 2024

Court imposes huge fine of Rs 29000 crore on former US President Donald Trump, it is a case of fraud

Donald Trump imposed heavy fine: The troubles of former US President Donald Trump are increasing. Now major action has been taken against former US President Donald Trump in the civil fraud case, in which a New York court has imposed a heavy fine on former President Donald Trump.

Trump will also have to pay millions of dollars of interest on the fine

The court has ordered Donald Trump and Trump Organization to pay a fine of about 355 million US dollars i.e. 29.46 thousand crore rupees. Apart from this, it has also been said in the court order that Trump will also have to pay interest of millions of dollars on the fine amount. Apart from this, the court has also banned Donald Trump from working as an officer or director in New York Corporation.

The hearing of the case was going on in the court for about three months.

The court has said that the former President cannot hold any post in any other legal entity of the state for three years and cannot apply for a loan from any financial institution for any registered company. The court has said in its decision that 'Donald Trump has committed fraud and has inflated the value of the assets of his companies.' Donald Trump's real estate empire is in danger due to this 90-page decision of the Manhattan Court. Let us tell you that the hearing of this case was going on in the court for about three months.

Accusations against Trump and his sons

Former President Donald Trump and his sons are accused of building a massive real estate empire by defrauding banks and insurance companies, among others. Trump and his sons are also accused of exaggerating their wealth for profit. However, Trump and his sons have denied any wrongdoing. The former US President has called this case a fraud against him.