Corona’s peak may come by next week in big cities, experts expressed apprehensions on the basis of various models

Amidst the rapid increase in infection in the country, experts have predicted the peak of corona cases in cities like Delhi and Mumbai by next week. At present, after May last year, the infection is spreading very rapidly in the country. More than 2.47 lakh cases were reported in the country on Thursday. This number is more than ten times the number of cases coming daily a month ago. The Omicron variant is rapidly replacing the Delta. So far 3.62 crore have been infected in the country. India is currently second only to America in the cases of infection.

Gautam Menon, a professor of biology and physics at Delhi’s Ashoka University, said that our modeling and the modeling of others suggest that India’s major Indian cities should see their corona cases peak around January 20. Whereas in the whole of India, the peak state of cases can be seen in the beginning of the first week of February.

Record cases coming in Mumbai and Delhi

Mumbai recorded the highest number of 20,971 cases of infection on last Friday but since then the cases have been coming down. City officials said the infection rate was decreasing. About 80 percent beds are vacant in Kovid hospitals.

On the other hand, 28,867 new cases of corona have been reported in the national capital Delhi on Thursday evening i.e. within the last 24 hours. During this, 22,121 people have been cured of corona. 31 people have died due to corona. Talking to the media, the Health Minister of Delhi has expressed hope that in the next few days, the outbreak of the disease may start decreasing here.

PM Modi holds review meeting with Chief Ministers on the situation in Corona

PM Modi held a review meeting with the Chief Ministers on Thursday amid rising cases of Corona in the country. During this, PM Modi said that Omicron is spreading faster than the previous variant, it is more transmissible. Our health experts are assessing the situation. Obviously we have to be careful.