Corona vaccine also has a connection with women’s periods, has new research revealed anything?

corona vaccine (Covid VaccineSince its inception, many types of research and studies have been coming out. Now in a new research, the effect of the vaccine on women’s menstruation has also come to the fore. Many women have complained that their periods are getting delayed after getting the vaccine. i.e. their menstrual cycle (Menstrual Cycle) has become irregular. this connection (Corona Vaccine and Period ConnectionTo understand this, scientists have done a research study, according to which there is nothing to panic in this. It’s totally normal.

According to the report of the US National Institute of Health (NIH), scientists from the University of Oregon Health and Science have studied the data of American women through a fertility tracking app and found that there is a delay in periods after the vaccine. is a normal process. According to scientists, women should not panic if the period is late after vaccination. Let us tell you that this study was funded by the NIH itself.

How was this study done?

Researchers conducted this study on 3,959 women aged between 18 and 45 years. These did not include pregnant women or women using contraceptive drugs. Of the 2,403 women involved in the study, 55 percent had received the Pfizer vaccine, 35 percent had the Moderna vaccine and 7 percent had the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. Apart from these, 1,556 such women were also included who did not get the vaccine.

During the research, data was collected for 3 to 3 periods i.e. a total of 6 period cycles before the vaccination of women and after vaccination. At the same time, data of 6 period cycles of women who did not take the vaccine was also taken. After collecting the data, the researchers studied and analyzed it.

What came out in the research study?

After analyzing the data obtained from the women, the researchers found that the women’s period came 0.64 days late after the first vaccine, while their period was 0.79 days late after the second vaccine. According to the researchers, women who were not vaccinated, their period came at their normal time. There was no change in it. Scientists found that among the women who took the vaccine, there were 358 women whose period cycle time increased by 2.38 days. That is, they got their periods after two and a half days from the normal time.

According to the research study, by the sixth period cycle, the gap between the periods of women who were vaccinated and those who did not get the vaccine ended. That is, after so many days their periods started coming normal. Scientists took this to mean that the change in the menstrual cycle of women after vaccination is temporary. Later it becomes normal.

Researchers could not find any concrete reason for why there was a delay in menstruation after the vaccine. But he said that the vaccine has a direct effect on our immune system. Strengthening the immunity of women can have an effect on the hormone-regulating system in the body. One reason could be this. At the same time, stress during the corona period can also be a possible reason for this. However, whatever be the reason, there is no need for women to panic at the moment.