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Constipation: If you want to get rid of the problem of constipation, boil these fruits and eat them daily.

Delhi. Constipation is caused due to improper diet, poor routine, stress, lack of fiber in food, excessive consumption of tea, coffee and alcohol. In this condition the patient has difficulty in defecation. Constipation for a long time can also cause piles. For this, the complaint of constipation should not be ignored. According to health experts, one should drink more water if there is a problem of constipation. Foods rich in fiber should be included in the diet. Along with this, exercise and yoga should be done daily. This gives relief in constipation. Apart from this, to remove the problem of constipation, ripe bananas should be boiled and eaten. It also removes constipation. It has been said in many researches that eating ripe bananas after boiling not only provides essential nutrients to the body, but also removes the problem of constipation. Let’s know everything about it-

benefits of boiled bananas

In China, it is recommended to eat boiled bananas as a medicine for constipation. People eat boiled bananas. Also, in some areas of Africa, boiled bananas are given to eat when there is a problem of diarrhea. It is believed that eating boiled bananas cures all stomach diseases. If you are also troubled by the problem of constipation and want to get rid of it, then you can eat boiled bananas.

what the experts say

According to experts, eating boiled bananas provides more nutrients to the body than eating bananas in general. Some people have weak digestive system. Such people find it difficult to digest bananas. Fiber is found in plenty in it. While boiling bananas breaks down the fiber. This makes the digestive system work properly. However, before consuming it, do consult a doctor once.

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