Saturday , July 13 2024

Congress state president announces chairman and coordinators for Lok Sabha elections

Ranchi, 20 February (Hindustan Reporter). Keeping in mind the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, State Congress President Rajesh Thakur announced the chairman and coordinators for the State Congress War Room. Giving information in this regard on Tuesday, state spokesperson Sonal Shanti said that for Jharkhand state war room, Manas Sinha has been appointed as chairman, Nelly Nathan and Amrit Singh as co-chairmen and Deepak Ojha, Ajay Singh, Purnima Singh, Ajay Jain, Zafar Imam. , Rajiv Narayan Prasad, Pia Burman, Gulzar Ahmed have been made members. Apart from this, Madan Mohan Sharma and Suryakant Shukla have been made co-coordinators for coordination with the All India Congress Committee. He said that State Congress President Rajesh Thakur also held a meeting with the War Room Chairman, Co-Chairman, members and conveners.

While giving instructions in the meeting, the State President said that the upcoming Lok Sabha elections are not only very important for us but also a matter of life and death. Along with the candidates in the Lok Sabha elections, the role of the war room is also based on the guidelines of the information exchange organization. It is an important link in ensuring compliance and maintaining communication between the organization and the workers during elections. He said that keeping an eye on all the activities of the opposition, the members and coordinators of the War Room will be fully responsible for making a strong and effective strategy and implementing it to respond to every accusation and accusation made against us. So that we can completely counter the unnecessary confusion spread among the public by the opposition during the elections. Also, the public can be kept away from false rumours.