Thursday , April 18 2024

Congress spreading confusion on electoral bond scheme: Mahendra Bhatri

Dehradun, 16 February (HS). BJP state president Mahendra Bhatri, while respecting the Supreme Court's decision on the electoral bond scheme, said that Congress is spreading confusion.

In a statement issued, the state president hit back by accusing Congress of spreading confusion. He said that the court has not made any adverse comment regarding the possibility of corruption, but has expressed its objection to the RTI Act and said that other options should be considered. Also said that Congress had no objection in taking Rs 1113 crore from this donation in the last 5 years, but there is objection in other parties getting it.

Mahendra Bhatri clarified that now that the decision of the apex court has come on this issue. Therefore, everyone should respect it, but the issue-less opposition is also politicizing this judicial subject. In fact, they have no alternative to the leadership of Prime Minister Modi and the positive work done by his government. In these 5 years, Congress has also received approximately Rs 1113 crore which is more than 9.33 percent of the total donations, which is second in the country but Congress never faced any problem.

Accusing the Congress of spreading confusion over the issue, he said that the court has stopped this scheme in view of the possibility of non-compliance with some provisions of RTI and equal opportunity. Asked to consider other options to stop misuse of black money in politics.