Friday , June 14 2024

Congress Party is asking for 'two seat help' from Samajwadi Party – News India Live

Congress has said that it will try till the end for an alliance with Samajwadi Party regarding seat sharing. Congress believes that there is a big fight ahead, hence support is necessary. Congress does not want a large number of seats but wants winnable seats. SP gave it seats like Noida, Ghaziabad, Mathura, Baghpat, Hathras, Banaras where it is weak. Congress wants Amroha seat for Danish Ali, who was expelled from BSP, and Saharanpur seat for Imran Masood. If SP gives it two seats in Moradabad division, then Congress is ready to give up the demand of SP seat in Moradabad.

we just need two seats

Congress says that in the alliance with BSP in 2019, SP had agreed to 3 out of 6 seats of Moradabad division, we are demanding only two seats. Congress says that it is not right for SP to exert pressure through media. On one hand, there are reports of breakdown and offer of 17 seats in the media, while on the other hand, discussions are also going on.

Both suffer loss due to lack of agreement

Congress believes that if a compromise is not reached, both the parties will suffer losses. Congress is already on the lead in UP, the main opposition party will be SP. Due to national elections, Muslim voters will also support Congress instead of SP this time. By fighting together, anti-Modi and minority voters will unite and support the alliance.