Friday , June 14 2024

Complete the works of modular OT in 60 days: DC

Ramgarh, 20 February (HS). A meeting was organized in the Collectorate Hall on Tuesday under the chairmanship of Deputy Commissioner Chandan Kumar regarding various schemes and ongoing development works run in the district under DMFT. The Deputy Commissioner, while reviewing the work being done under the Swasthya Samriddhi Vehicle Project, started the operation of the vehicle within a week by coordinating with the concerned agency. Instructed to do. While discussing the issue of installing CCTV cameras in various offices of the District Collectorate, the Deputy Commissioner also gave necessary instructions regarding setting up a control room for monitoring CCTV cameras.

Review of work being done to establish modular OT

While reviewing the work being done for setting up modular OT through DMFT in Sadar Hospital Ramgarh, the Deputy Commissioner directed to complete the work within 60 days. At the same time, the Deputy Commissioner directed to publish the details related to medicines available in other health centers including Sadar Hospital and community health centers operating in various blocks under Ramgarh district, outside the medicine distribution room. The Deputy Commissioner also directed to maintain log books and registers related to the use of health equipment costing more than Rs 1 lakh in Sadar Hospital and other government health institutions.

Review of multi village water supply schemes, clarification from the sensor

In the course of reviewing various multi-village water supply schemes under construction under Jal Jeevan Mission through DMFT, the Deputy Commissioner directed to seek clarification from the contractor regarding the pending of Urlung water supply scheme for two and a half years. Expressing dissatisfaction over the work under the Goat Bank Project operated under DMFT, the Deputy Commissioner directed the Deputy Development Commissioner to hold a meeting with the contractor and if the work is not found satisfactory, take other action including blacklisting against the contractor.