Sunday , May 19 2024

Community unity was seen in the wedding ceremony of Ganesh, a Muslim family

The first worshiped deity is Lord Ganesha. On any auspicious occasion, Lord Ganesha is remembered first. Be it a wedding or any auspicious event at home. Then an invitation card has gone viral in which Lord Ganesha is seen. This is surprising because this wedding invitation card belongs to a Muslim family.

wedding invitation card viral

People of a Muslim community living in Safipur village of Bahraich have found cards printed according to Hindu customs for their son's wedding. In which Lord Ganesha has been invited first. The invitation card going viral on social media has become a topic of discussion. The names of the groom and his relatives in the wedding card are Muslim. But the wedding card has been printed as per complete Hindu customs. On which the date of marriage is 29 February and the address is Kaiserganj village of Bahraich.

Unique Kankotri of a Muslim family

In this regard, the groom's father, Azul Qamar, resident of Safipur village, said that the marriage of his son Sameer Ahmed with Sania Khatoon, daughter of Jumerati, resident of Jarwal Road, is to take place on 29th February and he has also got the marriage certificate printed. Cards as per Hindu customs to invite your Hindu brothers. We had to invite Hindu brothers to village Safipur and many other places, so we thought why not get cards printed for them as per Hindu customs. He said that a feast had been organized for Hindus a day before.

example of unity

This card, printed as per the Hindu tradition of Muslim marriage, has set an example of Hindu-Muslim unity in the society, which is proving effective in strengthening the bond of brotherhood. This wedding card going viral is taking the message of Hindu-Muslim unity to every home.