Wednesday , July 24 2024

College principals are not municipal tax collectors: CM

Guwahati, July 10 (HS). Chief Minister Dr. Himanta Biswa Sarma today distributed Rs 68.44 crore to 349 educational institutions as payment for the first phase of fee waiver in colleges. About 1 lakh students will benefit from this initiative.

In his address, Chief Minister Dr. Sarma took a dig at the principals of the state's colleges and said that the principals of the colleges are not municipal tax collectors. In the distribution ceremony of funds under the Pragyan Bharati scheme organized at Lok Seva Bhavan in Guwahati on Wednesday, the Chief Minister talked about making the admission of students in colleges completely free. Chief Minister Dr. Sharma has warned the principals against charging Rs 600 each from the students in the name of magazine and college week. He said that the admission of students in colleges should be free.

Referring to the Rs 600 charged at the time of admission of students in colleges, the Chief Minister said, “My request to the college principals is that admission is free in colleges. Even then do not keep collecting money from students. Why charge Rs 600 from students? If needed, ask me for that Rs 600.

He reiterated, “Make all arrangements for the admission of students free of cost. If necessary it should not be said that the government has made their admission free, rather say that this arrangement has been made by the principal. Only then will the relationship between the principal and the student improve. But, you put a burden of Rs 600 on them to bring out magazines and set up college weeks.

He said that he has suspended the principal of Pooba Banshar College. There is no need to explain to the principals of other colleges. Do I have the courage to explain to the principal of the college? I enforce the rules. I do not have the right to explain. If I explain, why will he understand. Neither is it our job to explain nor is it your job to understand.

The Chief Minister said that the nepotism of the principals causes problems to the government. He directed the principals to return the Rs 600 taken from the students. We will release the entire amount of free admission to you by September 30. Do not take money from the students for any reason. He also instructed the principals not to collect Saraswati Puja fee from the students.