Saturday , July 13 2024

'Clear your stand that…', farmers appeal to all political parties of the country – News India Live

The Center will provide MSP to farmers on 5 crops in five years. The proposal has been rejected. After this, the farmers held a press conference at the Shambhu border and appealed to all the political parties of the country to clarify whether they would stand with them or not.

Swaran Singh Pandher said during the press conference that we have rejected the Centre's proposal. He said that we have taken advice from agricultural experts, they say that according to the proposal given to us by the Centre, the government will give a contract for 5 years to the farmer who gives up wheat and paddy for the five crops given by the Centre. The allegation in this is that those who are already sowing these five crops will automatically be excluded from it, the numbers for the second year are also not correct.

He said that our demand is to ensure procurement of all crops. Secondly, we want that MSP guarantee law should be made, this will end the sword hanging over our agricultural market forever. If PM Modi wants, he can also call a one-day session of Parliament, no opposition party will oppose it.

Farmer leaders demanded that all political parties make their stand clear that if the Center brings a law to guarantee MSP purchase for farmers, they should declare that they will vote in support of this bill. There are many different political parties in the country, if they all clarify their position then the country will see which party's MC wants to support this law or not.