Saturday , April 13 2024

Chinese Tic-Tac girl who earns Rs 120 crore every week, do you know what this girl is doing in the video? – Look News India

YouTube and Instagram have become platforms for earning money in today's time. Millions of people around the world create online videos daily and post them on YouTube or social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook to gain views and followers.

Such platforms are also a major source of income for video and content creators around the world. Some of them become extremely successful and earn crores of rupees.

In this bustling environment of social media influencers, Zheng Jiang Jiang stands out as a trailblazer. This Chinese social media influencer has revolutionized online product advertising and has had the fortune to surprise everyone in return.

With more than five million followers on Douyin, the Chinese version of TikTok, Zheng has developed an unconventional and lightning-fast way of promoting a product.

What is the secret of his success? Most social media influencers go into great detail and describe every detail of the products they promote, but Zeng takes a minimalist approach, showing a product for just three seconds.

Chinese woman earns Rs 120 crore per week from just 3 second review

During his live broadcast, Zeng's assistant hands out orange boxes containing various items one by one. In a matter of milliseconds, he picks up each product, briefly shows it to the camera, notes its price and immediately hides it. All this happens in three seconds (per product).

Zeng's ability to mesmerize his audience in just 3 seconds has translated into an astonishing income. He reportedly earns an incredible $14 million (approximately ₹ 120 crore) every week. His fast-paced approach rejects the traditional norms of influencer marketing and sheds light on how online commerce will shape the future.

His unique technique has proven to be very effective, resulting in increased sales of the products he promotes with just 3 seconds of advertising.

Zeng's approach to holding an audience's attention for such a short period of time is a testament to the value of attention-grabbing moments in the digital world.