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China will land an army of spacecraft on the moon, Dragon’s big plan

Impressed by the success of India’s Chandrayaan-3, China is now going to send its spacecraft to the Moon. China wants to build a station on the moon by 2030. China is going to land its spacecraft at the same place where America is preparing to land its astronauts.

China lunar mission Chang’e 8

China has announced its plans for the Moon. After Chang’e 6 in 2024, China is going to launch Chang’e 8 in 2028 with the help of its powerful Long March 5 rocket. China has said that the Chang’e 8 mission will serve as the basis for the construction of a future International Lunar Research Station on the surface of the Moon. China’s National Space Administration has announced this. At the same time, America is also preparing to build its base on the Moon under its Artemis mission, in which India is also involved.

Dragon will drop a robot with a lander, a rover

Chinese officials announced this at an event held in Azerbaijan. China’s Chang’e 8 mission will carry a lander, rover and robot. The purpose of this mission is to investigate the geology of the Moon, monitor Earth from the Moon, examine lunar samples, and conduct experiments to exploit resources. Apart from this, it will also investigate the atmosphere of the Moon. China will prepare this mission based on the experience gained from its previous missions. It will investigate technology needed for future missions.

What will be special in China’s moon mission?

China has said that it will also seek cooperation from other countries of the world. However, Chinese scientists later clarified that it would be capable of carrying a payload of 200 kg during this mission. If any country wants, it can send its rover or something else to the moon. China has also invited applications for this. Wang Qiong, deputy designer of China’s Chang’e 8 mission, said the Gerlach Mountains, Amundsen Crater, Caboose Crater and other mountainous areas have been selected where the mission can be landed.

Conflict with America and India

This is the same place where America wants to land astronauts under its Artemis 3 mission. The Chang’e 8 lander will carry 10 science payloads. Apart from this, 4 other payloads will remain on its rover. This lander will be equipped with cameras which will help in landing. Apart from this, there will also be earthquake measuring instruments, lunar based Earth radiometer and an X-ray telescope. The rover will also have cameras and radar capable of penetrating the lunar surface. Apart from this, it will be equipped with instruments to examine the minerals present on the Moon.

Plan to bring samples from the moon

China is going to launch its Chang-7 mission in the year 2026. During this mission, preparations are being made to explore the south pole of the Moon. This will be a robotic mission that will explore the ice. China’s Chang’e 6 will be the first lunar mission to bring back samples from the dark side of the Moon. China is planning to send essential equipment to manned bases with the help of super powerful rockets. Preparations are underway to build it around the year 2030.


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