Friday , April 19 2024

Chhatarpur: Patwaris expressed their heartfelt feelings by taking comma

Chhatarpur, 2 April (HS). Trainee Patwaris of the district expressed their heartfelt feelings in the short break program organized by Rajya Anand Sansthan. He said that right now it seems that if there is money then there will be respect in the society, but after introspecting himself, the process of refinement within him has intensified.

In the presence of Superintendent Land Records Aditya Sonkia, Master Trainer Lakhanlal Asati and Asha Asati from Anand Department, gave a short break to 70 Patwaris present in Government Hase School No. 2, subject trainers OP Mishra and RM Singh were also present.

Through the session towards Anand, Asha Asati asked to investigate the state of Anand in personal life and the reasons for its increase and decrease. Patwaris shared their views, Srishti Patel, Ravish Kumar Tripathi, Mulayam Singh, Anjali Verma, Anubhuti Namdev, Kamlesh Patel, Mansi Tiwari, Amit Patel, Girwar Yadav etc. shared their experiences. He said that better execution of work, maintenance of relationships, helping others, company of family increases happiness but whenever something wrong happens in the society, happiness also decreases. The biggest reason for fear in the society is the inhuman behavior of humans.

Lakhan Lal Asati gave him information about human values, after which he was given a comma on the question that if everyone becomes like I am, then what would be the picture of this world. Everyone was saying that this world would be very emotional, honest and good. But when the question was raised that we all are considering ourselves good then where is the problem? Why is there a fear of inhumane treatment? After looking deeply into themselves, the participants accepted that yes, we have a different face to show the world. Lakhan Lal Asati revealed those tendencies related to his personal life which were not right but he had never paid attention to that before the comma. After removing the outer mask, he came to know about the situation. The participants said that they have both good and bad tendencies. What would be the way to promote good tendencies, the participants put forward a lot of curiosities.

Superintendent of Land Records Aditya Sonakiya said that Alpaviram will continue to be organized regularly. He said that the ultimate purpose of whatever work the government and its departments are doing is happiness. The country of Bhutan had attracted the world's attention towards this for the first time. The formation of Anand Vibhag and its programs are extremely effective for self-understanding, stress management, better execution of tasks and living happily, which everyone should take advantage of.