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Cheap and best bike: More than 2.8 lakh bikes sold in a month .. Price is also very cheap

Best Selling Bikes: If we look at the figures related to the sales of two-wheelers in the month of February, this time there has been an increase of 18 percent in terms of sales. While 7,03,228 two-wheelers were sold in February 2022, 8,29,810 two-wheelers were sold in this February. 1,26,582 vehicles sold more. In February 2023, Hero sold more than 2.8 lakh units of the lowest priced model of the company’s bike. Registering a growth of almost 50 per cent in bike sales, this single bike holds the record for selling more bikes than all other companies’ bikes and scooters.

Best Selling Two-Wheeler
1. The best selling bike that we are talking about right now is none other than Hero MotoCorp’s Splendor bike which has been in the list of best selling bikes on many occasions in the past. It sold 2,88,605 bikes in February 2023, making it the largest selling bike in the country. Exactly a year ago, 1,93,731 units were sold in the same month of February. Means a growth of 49 percent during this year. Another specialty is that the price of this bike starts from just 72 thousand rupees.

2. Honda Activa is the second best selling two wheeler in the scooter list. Honda Activa sales increased by 20.08 percent in February 2023. In the month of February, Honda Activa scooter sold 1,74,503 units. In view of the growing popularity of electric scooters, Honda is soon planning to launch an electric scooter in the electric variant of the Activa scooter.

3. Bajaj Pulsar ranks third in the list of best-selling two-wheelers. Sales of Bajaj Pulsar bikes registered a growth of 45.78 percent. In February 2023, Bajaj Pulsar sold 80,106 bikes.

4. In February 2023, Hero Company’s HF Deluxe bike sold 56,290 units. Hero HF Deluxe bikes saw a decline of 25.86 per cent in sales. This bike is at the fourth position in the list of best selling bikes in February 2023. However, the attractive thing for the buyers of this bike is that the basic variant of this bike, available for just Rs 55,000, gives a mileage of 65 km to 70 km.

5. tvs Jupiter scooter is at 5th place in this list. TVS Jupiter scooter sales registered a growth of 14.44 percent in February 2023. Last year, 47,092 scooters were sold in the month of February. This year, a total of 53,891 scooters were sold in the month of February. These are the sales track record details of the top 5 best selling two wheelers for the month of February 2023.

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