Chawal Totke In Hindi: By offering 5 grains of rice one gets the grace of Shiva, know when to do this remedy

Chawal totke in Hindu religion: Many times it happens in everyone’s life that when we make all kinds of efforts but still many times we do not get success. Everyone also makes many efforts to earn money in life. This is the reason that some such measures are told, by doing which you emerge from the troubles, today we are talking about, Akshat means rice. (Rice totke) Of. Rice means Akshat in religious texts (Rice totke in hindi) It is considered very sacred. eternal religion (Sanatan Dharma) Any kind of worship is not complete without Akshat.

This is the reason that Akshat is always present in the worship hall of the devotees. In the worship of Lord Shiva, turmeric is not offered to him. Similarly, offering Tulsi to Lord Ganesha is considered prohibited. Durva is not offered to Goddess Durga. But Akshat is not offered to Vishnu, so today we will tell you about some special measures related to Akshat, by adopting which Goddess Lakshmi will be pleased with you.

Let’s know some benefits of rice which will rain money

1-Do not offer broken rice

According to religious scriptures, broken rice should never be offered to any deity or worship. Actually Akshat is considered a symbol of perfection. Therefore, broken rice should never be offered to God, it is considered inauspicious. However, there is an increase in wealth by offering 5 grains of rice daily in worship.

2- Lord Shiva is pleased

It has been specifically mentioned in the texts that if you offer Akshat on Shivling, then Lord Shiva is very pleased with his devotees. Apart from this, broken rice should also not be offered to Lord Shiva. If you dedicate Akshat to Lord Shiva every day, then all the troubles of life go away. Also, offering only 5 grains of rice to Lord Shiva on Shukla Paksha or any Chaturthi of the month gives good results.

3-Combination of Kumkum and Akshat

Akshat has always been considered the best in food, which is why rice is offered to all the gods and goddesses. Along with this, even without applying kumkum, nothing is considered successful in Sanatan Dharma. While offering Akshat with Kumkum to God is also considered full of virtue, then in the worship recitation, the people are also commented with Kumkum and Akshat.