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Celery leaves have both medicinal and taste properties, can be used like this

New Delhi: Ajwain is very common in Indian homes. The aromatic seeds are used to add flavor to many country drinks, curries and even dishes like parathas. Considering its many health benefits, it has also been considered revered in Ayurveda. But very few people know about oregano leaves.

This plant is also known as 'Indian Borage', sometimes called celery plant. Its leaves are its real identity. Its leaves are light green in color and thick, broad and fleshy, with a strong aroma. They are covered with a layer of very fine and soft hair. You can buy this plant from any nursery. Although completely different, these leaves are known as celery leaves, because they have a celery odor.

Amazing benefits of celery leaves

1. Effective in treating cold and cough

To cure persistent cold and cough, a hot decoction can be made by boiling celery leaves in water. If you have severe cold and cough, then take 10 or 12 celery leaves and clean them with water and then put them in a glass of water and keep it to boil on low flame. Let the decoction boil until the water reduces to about three-fourths of its original quantity. Remove it from the flame and let it cool down a bit and drinking it provides relief from cold and cough. If you want, add some honey to it.

2. Can be used to make pies

To make delicious pakodas, carom leaves can be mixed in a spiced batter of gram flour and then fried in mustard oil. These pakodas can be eaten hot with ketchup or any other dip.

3. Can make chutney and dip

Roasting and grinding oregano leaves can be used to make delicious sauces or dips. It can also be mixed in creamy curd. Alternatively, make chutney by grinding fresh celery leaves in a grinder with some spices of your choice. This chutney can be enjoyed with pakodas, chips, kurkure or parathas.

4. Fresh Green Juice

You can add oregano leaves to any fruit or vegetable juice of your choice. Apart from this, it can also be mixed with the juice of any green leaf like spinach or bitter gourd. Celery leaves are also said to have many health benefits, including relief from stomach problems and improving appetite and digestion.