Wednesday , July 17 2024


It is not appropriate to take medicine every time you have acidity, know from the doctor what are the disadvantages?

Eating outside junk food for a long time can cause you to face indigestion, stomach pain and digestive problems. Apart from this, eating too much food at one time also causes flatulence. Some people have acidity problems after eating food every day. Eating mostly fried or spicy food can also …

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Junk food should also have warnings like cigarettes, why are experts suggesting this?

In view of the serious health hazards posed by consumption of ultra-processed foods (junk food), a renowned medical expert has demanded that warning labels should be put on these products like cigarettes. Given the serious health hazards posed by consuming ultra-processed food (junk food), a renowned medical expert has demanded …

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Use these 5 spices while cooking vegetables or pulses in monsoon, digestion will improve

Spices in Monsoon: Along with the slight coolness in the monsoon season, humidity also increases, which can cause many health problems, especially digestive problems are more common in this season. In such a situation, according to Ayurveda, the use of certain spices can help in relieving these problems and improving …

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