Case of lesbian relationship, two girls decide to get married and live together for life

Churu: A case of marriage between two girls has come to light in Rajasthan. A year ago, the two had a friendship. In November 2021, both of them ran away from home and got married. The family members did not know about this, but in the past, when the police caught them in Haryana, the girls revealed to have married. It is being told that Mamta Nayak is a resident of Ratangarh in Churu and Krishna Nayak is from Haryana. . However, it is being told about both that their families already had kinship and acquaintance. When the family members came to know about the marriage of both, they are saying that someone has done witchcraft on them.

In fact, on November 14, Mamta Nayak’s father Banshilal Nayak had filed a case of disappearance of the daughter. When the search started, it was found that the girl is in Haryana. Mamta’s parents and police reached Fatehabad in Haryana and along with the police reached there, both told that they had run away from home and got married in Fatehabad, Haryana on 12 November 2021. They revealed that they love each other so they got married. The Ratangarh police have caught both of them on January 10, but both have also expressed their desire to be together in front of the police. Despite the opposition of the family, the police let them go on this without because both the girls are adults. At present, both the girls have gone back to Haryana.

It is being told that 22-year-old Krishna, a resident of Haryana, had come to her sister’s in-laws’ house in Ratangarh a year ago. He became friends with the sister-in-law of the same sister, Mamta, who was 18 years old. The series of talks and meetings started and when the closeness between the two started growing, it was not known and one day both of them decided to run away from home and got married in Fatehabad. She did and started living together in Jind, Haryana.

Although both of them do not have any documents of marriage, but both of them have got the papers made in Haryana of live-in relationship. can also take such a decision. He still stands by the fact that his daughter has taken this decision under someone’s pressure.