Wednesday , July 17 2024

Car lost control and fell into a ditch, burned to ashes, five injured

Jhansi, June 18 (HS). A car went out of control and fell into a ditch on Tuesday on the National Highway in village Sikandra in Poonch police station area. After this, the car caught fire. Fortunately, people present nearby took the people out of the car beforehand.

A car was coming from Orai towards Jhansi on the Sikandra Village National Highway. Since the road was one way, vehicles were coming and going from both sides on the same side. Then suddenly the car went out of control and fell into the ditch. Seeing the car falling into the ditch, shepherds grazing their animals nearby reached the spot. The vehicle of Poonch Police Station also reached the spot and started rescue work. As soon as all the car riders were being taken out of it, the car suddenly caught fire.

Saurabh Singh son of Shyam Kumar Orai, SB Singh son of Jai Prakash Lucknow, Tirsa, Alka, Sonal, who were travelling in the car, were injured. Two fire brigade vehicles reached the spot and controlled the fire. The injured were also sent to the Community Health Centre Month with the help of an ambulance. It was told that all the people travelling in the car were going from Orai to Jhansi to attend a function at their relative's place.