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Canada’s move to defame India backfires, America-Britain joined hands, know how?

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has alleged that India has a hand in the murder of Khalistan terrorist Hardeep Singh Nijjar. He said on Tuesday that India has killed the terrorist. Now the fight has started at the diplomatic level between India and Canada. India’s policy has been that it does not take strict action against any activity happening abroad. It calls for action from local governments. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has given this statement after his love for Khalistan. This has affected the decades-long friendly relations between the two countries.

Justin Trudeau’s allegations resulted in a diplomatic war between India and Canada, including the expulsion of diplomats. On the other hand, Canada has also issued an advisory for its citizens living in India.

Canada did not get the support of the world!
Canada claimed that this affected its relations with India. Canada wanted its close allies, including the US, to come together and criticize India. According to a report by Washington Post, this effort of Justin Trudeau was not successful. Because many countries withdrew from this demand.

According to a Western official, the killing of Khalistan terrorist Hardeep Singh Nijjar in June this year was questioned by several senior intelligence officials from Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States. The issue was not raised publicly at the mega G20 summit held in Delhi in the first week of September. Justin Trudeau claimed that he also tried to raise this issue with PM Modi.

A few weeks after the conclusion of the summit, Canadian PM Justin Trudeau made serious allegations against the Indian government. He said that India has killed a Canadian citizen on Canadian soil. Canada’s allies have distanced themselves from Canada’s statement on maintaining its relations with India. The US, Britain and Australia expressed concern over the allegations made by Justin Trudeau but declined to comment until the investigation is complete.

What does the world say about Canada’s allegations?
“We are in regular contact with our Canadian partners,” the White House said. It is important that the Canadian investigation moves forward and that the perpetrators are brought to justice. A British government spokesman in London said: “We are in touch with our Canadian counterparts about these serious allegations.” It would be inappropriate to comment during the ongoing investigation by Canadian authorities. Trade with India will continue as before. A spokesman for Australian Foreign Minister Penny Wong said Canberra was concerned by the allegations made by Canada. “We have conveyed our concerns to India at a senior level,” the spokesperson said. Amidst all this, India rejected the allegations against it, calling them baseless and motivated.

The Foreign Ministry said on Tuesday that such baseless allegations are an attempt to divert attention from Khalistani terrorists and extremists. Who have been granted asylum in Canada. They are a threat to the sovereignty and territorial integrity of India. The Canadian government’s inaction in this matter has been a matter of continuing concern for a long time.

Who was Hardeep Singh Nijjar?
Hardeep Singh Nijjar was shot dead by two unknown assailants outside a Gurudwara in June 2023. He was the chief of Khalistan Tiger Force (KTF). He was declared a terrorist by India under UAPA in July 2020. An Interpol Red Corner Notice was also issued against Niger in 2016. Surrey local police also placed Nijjar under temporary house arrest in 2018. But then he was released.

What were the allegations against Nijjar?
The NIA had announced a reward of Rs 10 lakh on Nijjar after he was accused of conspiring to murder a Hindu priest in Jalandhar, Punjab in 2022. India has repeatedly expressed concern over the presence of pro-Khalistan groups and anti-India activities in Canada. Earlier, separatist leaders have organized Khalistan referendum on Canadian soil. A few days ago, during the Khalistani parade, posters of the assassination of former PM Indira Gandhi were also waved in a rally. India has demanded strict action against Khalistanis. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Canada will always protect freedom of expression, freedom of conscience and freedom of peaceful protest. Canada’s love for Khalistan has spoiled relations with India.


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